Commercial and Creative Photography


Creating images for your advertising or selling your products is important for a growing company. The image you present to your clients and customers on your website or social media can keep you one step ahead of your competitors.
You can rely on my many years of experience in the publishing and media business to steer you in the right direction. Quality images of your products or finding an image solution to lift your brand is only a call or email away.

Get in touch to take the next step and get a no obligation consultation.

Consultation and planning your shoot - FREE

The most important path to the best images is often a simple chat about your goals. A discussion about the images and what they will be used for will lead
to a productive shoot and ultimately to your satisfaction.

Giving advice and encouragement - FREE

With years of experience in photography and its connection to business success,
I'm always happy to hear from companies looking for advice and direction.
It's my hope that my depth of knowledge will lead to a collaboration. 

Coffee - FREE 

The best part of being a photographer is meeting the clients
and yes, I'll buy the coffee.

£ - No unpleasant surprises

Pricing of work is based on the time and the scale of the work.
I'm always conscious that the client will be watching their budget and with that in mind, I will negotiate a price that suits. There are no hard and fast rules here!


Creating the right image for you is my primary goal.
Get in touch with me and let's get creative!


Creating awesome images for everyone

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Creative Photography for Advertising and Media

Models and Tutorials

Are you looking at doing some modeling or improving your photographic skills?

Are you a Model?

Models are always welcome on a TFP basis to assist in various projects including photography tutorials for individuals and groups. Models are always needed for certain advertising photography and a fee for that work would be negotiated at the time based on the particular requirements.

Photography tutorials

Lessons to improve photography skills are available on a one to one basis and small groups. From the basics of how to get the best from your camera to the more advanced techniques. Improve your confidence and your abilities. Get in touch with me for more information.

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Thanks for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Look forward to talking to you.